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At ProHealth Podiatry we want you to achieve pain free, healthy, good looking feet. 

Do you have pain when you stand? Do you have heel issues? 
Not as mobile or light on your feet as you used to be? 
Maybe you have aches and pains when getting up in the mornings? 
Very painful and concerning, isn’t it?  

Think about it!  

You only have one pair of feet to last you a lifetime. 
So start looking after them!  

Mobility is one thing that gets overlooked or not thought about until it’s too late. Imagine waking up and not being able to walk or put weight on your feet at all. Start maintaining your mobility and have your feet checked today. Visit us at ProHealth Podiatry or any of our satellite clinics across Brisbane. Check out our website and book an appointment online now. And let us help your feet take you further. 


Experienced Podiatrist

Aadila Dada has been practising podiatry for 15 years in both public and private practice.


Podiatric Diabetes Educator

Specialising in diabetes education & management. Helping people with diabetes be more proactive.


Long Opening Hours

The clinic is open to patients Monday – Saturday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.


No Doctors Referral Needed

If you are experiencing foot pain please give a call. No need to go to your GP first.


Walk-Ins Accepted

While it is better to make an appointment we are happy to see you at short notice.


Affordable Services

We pride ourselves on being transparent in our pricing and afforability.

New Red Hill Clinic Just Opened

We are very excited to be opening a boutique podiatry clinic with the latest technology and services in Red Hill.

Lunula cold laser therapy for fungal nails, MLS Laser for pain management, Swift Microwave therapy for warts & Shockwave therapy for tendonitis available at this location.

Come visit us at 1 Enoggera Terrace, Red Hill.

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We have been in the business for a substantial while now and are committed to your foot health. Go on contact us and ask about that booking.

How We Can Help

Trouble with your skin or nails?
Are you experiencing foot, ankle or knee pain?

We can help find the cause of the problem and treat it quickly to get you back to being able to enjoy life.

Our Clinic

Our Red Hill branch is easy to spot being located at Terrace House (corner of Enoggera Rd and Musgrave Rd), parking is located at the rear of the building, access is via Musgrave Rd.

We have a number of smaller locations scattered throughout the Southside of Brisbane.

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Are you looking for more detailed information based on your pain or issue, or are you looking for the quickest solution to resolve your pain? 

Find our more about how we can help. Have a read of our blog or use the search option.

Good Foot Health & Podiatry

For many of us, good foot health is something that we take for granted, rarely stopping to give our feet a second thought. It is only when problems arise, from something as simple as a bunion, corn or verruca that can have a profound effect on our day to day lives that we understand the importance of looking after our feet.

Here at Pro Health Podiatry, serving Northside Brisbane we adopt a holistic approach to podiatry in Brisbane, whatever the nature of your foot problem. Lifestyle, nutrition, footwear and underlying health issues can all manifest themselves in a range of symptoms and conditions on your feet, and can limit your mobility, cause serious levels of discomfort and pain and potentially have long lasting and damaging consequences.

In particular Type 2 diabetes, which affects over 5% of the adult population of Australia and causes damage to the nerves in the feet (peripheral neuropathy) can cause corns, blisters, in growing toenails and other conditions which can be very slow to heal, and lead to increased rates of infection and fungal growth around the nails – these are not conditions that you should attempt to treat on your own due to possible complications – you should always seek the help of a podiatrist.

We can undertake a range of tests that can determine the level of risk your feet are at, if you believe you may be suffering from T2D, and offer relevant preventative treatments. Of course, there are well known links between T2D and lifestyle and nutrition so, our treatment includes education and awareness of how you can combat diabetes by making changes to your lifestyle.

Inappropriate footwear is another leading cause of foot pain and ensuring that you are using suitable footwear is a key factor in keeping your feet healthy. We are happy to advise and with our associates can supply footwear and accessories than can alleviate many conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

However sometimes injuries can occur through sports or exercise, leading to general foot pain and tendonitis and when this is the case the focus is on rapid recovery which can be greatly assisted by one or more treatments. We provide Shockwave Therapy which has proven to be particularly beneficial to the recovery from PF, Low level Laser treatment, which stimulates regeneration and growth in the affected area of the foot, and also Dry Needling, which is similar to acupuncture and has the greatest impact on muscle problems.

Foot pain, regardless of the manner in which it manifests or the cause of it can seriously impinge upon a normal lifestyle and its inevitable that all of us will at some time experience discomfort or more serious problems with or feet.

At ProHealth Podiatry we are located both on the North & Southside areas of Brisbane we offer a professional service that can relieve your suffering and bring wellness back to your feet. From minor complaints such as veruccas to more serious diabetes induced problems, heel pain and tendinopathy you may require the assistance of a podiatrist in Brisbane – and at ProHealth we have a walk-in service that doesn’t require pre-booking appointments – although it is recommended when possible.

Many foot complaints will only get worse if left unattended, particularly those caused by repetitive actions such as sports, or those brought about by ongoing lifestyle choices, but ProHealth your holistic podiatrist in Brisbane are as committed to education as they are to giving immediate relief your condition. Helping you understand how your diet can affect your diabetes and resulting foot health is a cornerstone of what we strive for and that is why we consider ourselves a leading nutrition podiatrist in Brisbane.

Traditional treatments and therapies are complemented by our use of Dry Needling Acupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy to ensure the best possible outcome for your problem.

No matter the foot pain that you endure – there is no need for you to continue

We treat all ages of patient, including children and are happy to take referrals from your doctor or to accept your own booked appointment.

The ways in which your feet can cause pain or be damaged and affect the things you do on a day-to-day basis are numerous, but we can help you with all of them. Whether you have problems with verrucas, ingrowing toenails, tendinopathy or other sports injuries, general heel and foot pain or would like advice on diabetes and nutrition, we are your number one podiatrist in Brisbane.

Helping you take the first steps towards happier, healthier life.

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

Or call — 0410 901 582

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Our most commonly asked questions about our podiatry clinic.

What are some common foot problems that can be prevented with proper foot care?

Proper foot care can help prevent common foot problems such as athlete’s foot, ingrown toenail , blisters, plantar fasciitis, corns and calluses, bunions, and hammertoes. This includes maintaining good foot hygiene, wearing properly fitting shoes, and maintaining a healthy weight. These conditions can cause ankle pain, arch pain, or shin splints. If you are concerned about a particular foot issue, get in touch with our friendly team today and schedule an appointment.

How often should I visit a podiatrist for routine foot care?

The frequency of visits to a podiatrist for routine foot care may vary depending on individual needs. However, it is generally recommended that individuals with no existing foot problems should visit a podiatrist at least once a year for a routine check-up and preventive care. People with diabetes, circulation issues, or other medical conditions that affect the feet may need to visit more frequently, as advised by their podiatrist or healthcare provider. It is also recommended to seek medical attention from a podiatrist if any foot pain, discomfort, or abnormalities arise.

Can foot pain be a sign of a more serious health issue?

Yes, foot pain can sometimes be a sign of a more serious health issue. Foot pain can be a symptom of various conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, nerve disorders, circulatory problems, and even certain types of cancer. It is important to seek medical attention from a podiatrist or healthcare provider if foot pain persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as swelling, redness, or numbness. If you’re concerned about foot and leg pain, get in touch with our qualified experienced podiatrists today!

How can I tell if my child has flat feet, and is it something that needs to be treated?

Flat feet in children can often be a normal part of development and may not require treatment. However, if flat feet are causing pain or affecting a child’s ability to participate in physical activities, it may be necessary to seek medical attention.

To determine if your child has flat feet, you can perform a simple test called the “wet footprint test.” Have your child step into a shallow pan of water with bare feet, then step onto a piece of paper to create a footprint. If the entire foot, including the arch, is visible in the print, it may indicate flat feet.

If you are concerned about your child’s flat feet, we recommend to schedule an appointment with our qualified podiatrist.