Do you have Pain due to your Flat Feet?

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Firstly, what does the term flat feet mean? Simply stated, it means that the arches of your feet tend to be lower to the ground. It is more common than high arched feet and can also be called a pronated foot type, if it rolls in.

Pain can occur if your foot appears to become ‘flatter’ as you age, or cause issues due to the wear of your shoes or your gait patterns. For instance, due to malalignment of your feet and your legs you could experience pain in the knees, ankles, heels as well as plantar fasciitis.

Flat feet as you age could be due to:

  • Injury
  • Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis particularly Rheumatoid Arthritis

At ProHealth Podiatry we assess your Range of Motion and Quality of Motion of joints, watch your gait pattern, teach you how to strengthen your muscles as well as how to choose and purchase suitable footwear for your individual foot type. We help aid, rejuvenate, and offload the pressure going through a flatter foot profile.

To maintain mobility and keep yourself youthful, if in doubt, make that appointment with ProHealth Podiatry, located at either Red Hill or Upper Mount Gravatt at the very least, it would out your mind at ease.

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